Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome to my workroom

I've finally uploaded the pictures of Berry's blanket in process. First welcome to my work room. It was once a place of cooking and eating, but after my ironing board, sewing machine and fabrics got a hold of it, my poor kitchen resembled a fabric sweat shop.
Below is a close up of the appliques I did. I tried applique for the first time on this quilt, just like many of the other things I tried for the first time. We still don't know what Berry is yet (Jennie is still pregnant) but I did know that both names they picked out started with the letter "M".
Next is a close up of one side of the quilt. I know most quilts have a front and a much simpler back, but for this quilt I took on a lot and made both sides equally detailed. I cut out a bunch of "coins" and went to work sewing them together. I then pieced them all together with white cotton to finish the one side. This side didn't take to long, maybe a couple of weeks working a few hours here and there.
Then came the tricky side. I saw this image of the tree online and thought it matched my idea for the bird. I started sketching and designing and planning how it would look.
Here's a shot of the supplies box I carried around the house for months. All of the fabrics, threads and sketches were inside of this box.

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