Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fabric and Thread Inspirations

I haven't been quilting for very long. Infact my first quilt I ever made was a small doll quilt for my niece for Christmas a little over 2 years ago. Since then I have made a second doll quilt for my other niece, a baby blanket for a friend, a queen size quilt for my nephew's birthday and most recently a baby blanket for my best friend's unborn baby (just a few more days).
I don't know when the quilting bug bite me, but I must say there is no better satisfaction than seeing the quilt you've worked so hard on be appriciated so much. I've been part of the blog world for almost 3 years now and have come to love decor blogs as well as some sewing ones. Below are some of my favorite quilters. I take a lot of inspiration from them and challenge myself to learn new tricks when creating my own quilts. Hopefully tomorrow I will upload the pictures of my best friends quilt and show you what I mean.

First is Oh Fransson. The applique work she does is fantastic. I always seem to love her fabric selections. Maybe the next quilt I make will have more intricate appliques like this octopus.

Stacked Coins Baby Quilt (Crazy Mom Quilts)
Crazy Mom Quilts is another favorite that I have been reading for a while. This stacked coin blanket was the inspiration for one side of my best friends quilt. This lovely lady really creates some fantastic quilts. Again her vibrant colour selection and creative patterns are a real treat to look at.
Pretty 'n Pink (Don't Look Now)
Now hold on to your socks! Even thought the title of this lovely ladies blog is "Don't Look Now" you really must look now! The detail used in her quilts are mind boggling. It was here that I discovered free motion quilting. Her creative inspiration encouraged me to buy a free motion foot for my machine and really learn a new skill. At first it was frustrating, but with practice and some advice from my local quilting shop I figured it out. I used this technique on my best friends quilt and was really happy when she asked "how did you do that?" I have even had more quilt requests because of this technique.

Mendocino Zigzag (A Quilt is Nice)
Her quilts are always nice. I think this might be the next pattern I try. This talented lady has even got the tutorial up so that you can learn to make the quilt. I love how simple the pattern really is, but how amazing it looks when all is done.

Baby Wonderland (Film in the Fridge)
Last but not least is Film in the Fridge. I'm not sure where the blog name comes from but boy does she have a lot of wonderful quilts to choose from. I love this little baby quilt. I think this might also be one I make soon for another friends new bundle. Another simple pattern with beautiful results.
Thanks ladies for all your inspiration, hopefully you will continue to inspire from my post today.


amandajean said...

thank you so much for your kind words. xo

Kellie said...

Hi Lisa! I finally managed to pop over and take a look at your lovely blog! Thank you for your kind words and your quilting is looking fab!!! I love your tree!!!

Anyway I was going to email you but letting you know here is as good a place as any ... you have won one of my patterns from my last post ... I am still writting the post mind you but you will see your name there sometime in the next 24 hours ;).
Keep up your lovely work!!!