Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update post #2 (June 29-July 1st)

June 29th - July 1st - We packed them up and moved them out! Yes that's right mom and dad finally moved. Above is my dad and sister waiting for more "stuff" to fill the truck with.

Unfortunately when we got there we had to wait a long time. The people who bought mom and dad's house were late getting their final cheque to their lawyer. Which then made the cheque late to mom and dad's lawyer. They had to have the cheque couriered to the builder before they would release the keys to us. Thankfully my sister was able to find Disney Cars clips on her iPhone to entertain our nephew. He really was good. He kept himself and the rest of us entertained.
All we could do was sit around and wait. Thankfully they allowed us to empty the first truck load into the garage, while the second truck load sat in the cab of the truck. Unfortunately for us, we were not able to unload the truck in time and it went back late. Late was more than another day because the next day was a holiday. Don't worry, we definitely sent the extra cost to our lawyer who got he money back from the buyer's of mom and dad's house.

I don't have great pictures of the house yet. There was a little bit of commotion the next day at mom and dad's and I didn't take any pictures. K and I got home a little after 12 after helping unpack and eating dinner. The next morning around 7:30 am we were woken by the sound of our phone ringing. K answered the phone and I could hear my mom frantically crying through the phone. My dad was trying to lift a very large, but light box down the basement stairs and lost his footing. He fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom. Luckily he didn't hit his didn't hit his head on the basement cement. However he did partially fracture his hand and broke a small bone in his cheek. The break also gave him a black eye and he was a little banged up with some cuts and bruises. He's doing much better now, but has been a little bummed about not being able to do much around his new house.


Wanderluster said...

Oh dear - I hope your dad recovers quickly!

Jess said...

welcom back to bloggy land! prayers to your dad, oh my goodness, how awful!! i just wanted to chime in to say that i have the best little ice cream maker...KRUPS "la glaciere" i got it almost 9 years ago as a wedding gift...and i make ice cream all summer long!!!