Thursday, August 20, 2009

Furniture for a Bunny

Most of the furniture for the Bunny's room we have inherited from K's family. The crib, change table and bassinet were used by all 5 of our nieces and nephews. I'm excited to use the same furniture in our nursery.

One item I found that I really love is this Pottery barn magazine rack. Unfortunately I am not willing to pay US$120 for it. I have begun searching for a less expensive alternative. Anyone seen one lately? If not K and I will have to attempt to build our own. I might ask for help on this one.

I will also be painting it robin's egg blue as it will match the fabric we have selected. No we are not finding out the sex of the baby, blue just matches the colour scheme we have decided on.

(Pottery Barn Catalina Magazine Rack)

I guess I should explain why I am calling the baby "Bunny". See I've never liked calling the baby "it" when couples didn't know what they were having. I also think it's a more personal way of referring to the baby. It sort of makes them your own and separate from all the other "babies" out there. So coming up with a temporary name for our baby was something that was important to both K and myself.

Around the time I found out I was pregnant I noticed I was drawn towards bunnies and giraffes. I didn't think the name "Giraffe" was a cute name for the baby so we decided on "Bunny". The first item we bought for Bunny was actually a stuffed bunny when I was looking for a gift for Madalyn.


Jess said...

Congrats! what a wonderful time for you and your husband!!! i love how you call the baby bunny...we called our first CCturtle...because the names we picked out for both the boy and girl were c names and on the ultrasound it looked like a little turtle all curled up! my vote is to make your own bookshelf...i saw the exact one in pottery barn and now have one exactly like it built by my hubby!! and one last little girl's "favorite" stuffed animal is a giraffe...and my son's is a bunny!! congrats again!!!!

What Comes Next? said...

what a neat idea - your Bunny! Congratulations, and have fun setting up the nursery. Sorry,I'm no help with the magazine rack.

Tizzalicious said...

I think it's cute that you call him/her bunny :) Sounds so much sweeter than "it"!

SAB said...

Love the book rack. Kid books are so fun. One of my friends gave another friend a book called "Previously" as a new baby gift the other day. It is all about what the nursery rhyme characters were doing before their stories came to be...super cute.