Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bunnies live in Nest???

I'm starting to get the nesting feelings. I'm not sure if it's too early but I feel the need to get the house and all the odds and ends done before Bunny gets here. I was telling my BF about the list K and I made last night and all she could do was laugh at me. I know there are only a few weeks left of decent outdoor weather for us to do things like spray paint furniture and clean the garage. There are necessities like making room in the kitchen for Bunny's things, which means some stuff will have to move into the storage room in the basement. Unfortunately that room got full quick so we have to build more shelves on the opposite wall! See what I mean the list is gigantic!

The shelves I bought for the walk-in closet in my art studio still need to be built, which will then allow me to organize my art studio better and empty the closet in the nursery. A lot of the stuff in that room needs to be stored in my art room - wrapping paper, wedding / card supplies etc. This closet needs to be emptied so that we can paint the room and get started on the decor. I guess while we are at it the other closets need to be emptied and some of the "stuff" in them can be donated or thrown out.

There are also odds and ends that need to be finished. Trim the cords on the kitchen blinds, paint the powder room pocket door, re-enforce the shelf in the powder room and make the final cuts to the kitchen backsplash tiles so that we can grout it. Oh where will we find the time? We are 24 weeks away, which mean really only 48 weekend days to work. As of right now we are booked for weddings and appointments until mid October! Add in my exam next week, my birthday tomorrow, K away for a weekend stag....When will it all get done? So like it or not the nesting bug has bitten me and I can't think about anything else! Why else do you think I've been away from blog land for so long?????

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