Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Peek....

Is that a desk? A printer still in the box? My wedding bouquet? Yes to all of the above. My poor art room has been neglected. Ever since I moved it from the large front room to the small back room I have barely had a moment to myself to sit there and allow the creativity to flow. Instead I have shamelessly let magazines, boxes and everything else in our home hide here.

We can finally see the floor in the walk in closet. You can see some of the bins I bought at Ikea in my attempt to organize the gift wrap and bags we keep in this closet. Finally, after three years of living in our home we can walk into our walk-in closet. I also bought some shelving units from Ikea that are easy to assemble. I used three of them in the closet to house all of my supplies.
If you have been reading my blog long you will remember when I hung these little tissue puffs. They were from my wedding shower. When I found them here at our house I thought they would be a neat little addition to my desk area. However after searching an collecting a number of office and art room inspiration pictures I think this wall will be receiving a huge overhaul. I'm thinking cork board, inspirational magazine clippings and maybe a burst of colour.
Last a view from the doorway. Not only can you see how small this room is, you can also see what the room looks like on a normal day. I have to say I am very ashamed of how I let this room get. However I am also very proud of what the room looks like now. Stay tuned for update photos soon.

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