Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Visions of Bunny's Nursery Dancing in My Head

Here you have it folks. The sheet that started it all [well actually restarted it all]. It's a fitted sheet made by NoJo. I got it at Toys R Us. The only issue is that our crib mattress is 48" and the sheets are now made standard 54". Thankfully my Godmother sews amazingly and will be helping me modify a few of them. I also asked for her help with the bassinet bedding and the skirt for the crib. Maybe if there's time we will also make a bumper pad for the crib [for when Bunny is a little older]. So I have 2 weeks to find all the other fabrics I need for the nursery. She's going to spend a weekend at my house and we hope to get all of the sewing done. I think we will also have to fix the broken slat on the crib before then too.
A big thanks to everyone that voted on the mobile last week. K and I have decided on the one with the felt birds. K really likes the nest that it hangs from. It was helpful for you all to let us know about the delicacy of a paper mobile and also the "too much matching" of the felt numbers mobile. Both very good points and ones I hadn't thought of until you all pointed it out. Thanks

Of course we also ordered the two alphabet and numbers posters. I think they will go above the change table. Not really sure yet. Simple white frames from Ikea will do the trick. Hopefully we can also get two nice mats to them.

Finally our rockn' recliner! We were originally going to recover a rocker from K's mom. It was a great size for me, but a bit small for K. Once we priced out labour and materials to recover it and getting an ottoman to match, it was pretty close to the same price to buy a new one. I'm not a huge fan of ottomans, so when the store owner showed us this one I fell in love. It rocks like a rocking chair, but with the flick of a switch it stops moving and you can push back to recline. I also like that when the nursery is ready for retirement the chair will fit in with our decor anywhere else in the house.


SAB said...

I love your decisions. I voted for the paper mobile, but I think the felt birds look really good with the crib sheet and the posters. I actually just made some pillows for my cousin out of a really similar crib sheet!

SAB said...

Hey Lisa,

The fabric in the books is actually scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. The polka dot fabric that I used for my nephew's rabbit was from Hobby Lobby too. Hopefully that helps, and hopefully you have Hobby Lobby by you. I think they have really cute contemporary fabrics!


Tizzalicious said...

I love your picks! The mobile is so cute, and the posters are great!

Chris said...

HI ,
Did you see the baby bedding I made a couple of weeks back , bumpers are very easy to make I assure you .
If you need the safety rules about them someone kindly sent them to me , let me know if you want them.

But I found a post I thought you would like http://rockybella.blogspot.com/2009/10/celing-circles-you-can-copy.html
so cute.

Chris said...

One more very importaant website I want you to know about in case you don't already .
check this one out , I know this is so important .

Lovely Little Nest said...

Ooh that mobile is perfect! I love the little nest! :)