Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pain in the butt

You've probably heard of the phrase "pain in the butt"? Well recently my little Bunny has literally become a pain in my butt?

Yesterday I had to stay home from work, I was unable to walk without a sharp stabbing pain in my right *cheek*. It's been this way for most of the weekend. Some thought it was my sciatic nerve, butt *tee hee* that wasn't the case. My midwife said that it was too early for that. The baby wasn't big enough to cause any pain to me. I went to a Chiropractor, never been before. It was great! She was able to locate the exact pain and massage it out. It seams the one muscle in my right cheek that runs horizontally failed to stretch out with the rest of my body as my uterus grew. I start prenatal yoga tomorrow, which is supposed to help and I have 2 more sessions. Who knew this tiny little Bunny would be a "pain in my butt" already. Love you Bunny!


Oonafey said...

What did you tell your boss? "I have to stay home 'cause my tushy hurts"? LOL.

Chris said...

Oh baby pains , that is why I only had two babies , my uterus started to fall OUT with my second , not lying , but it was all fine , I used Midwives too , they can become fast friends , hope you don't get siatic , that is awful had it with my first only , but I had great easy deliveries and labours.
Hope things strach out nicely from now on , I did deep squats with Sophie's pregnancy I swear that kid flew out , really helped a lot .

Wanderluster said...

Ha, I just realized I had the same pain in my butt early in my pregnancy! I never got it massaged out though. Hope you're feeling better and not suffering too badly from nausea or smell sensitivity or all the other fun things coming your way!

Kristin said...

Keep going if you can... I am due next week and to be adjusted properly before you go into labor can really help your labor along. Plus I have had hip pain from sleeping and my D.C. has helped with that too. I would go once a week for the last month or so at least. GOOD LUCK!