Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Response to some great blog friends

Thanks ladies, I told my boss I had a pain in my sciatic nerve and couldn't walk. Thankfully I sent an email cause I don't think I would have been able to say "I can't come in cause I have a pain in my butt" tee hee Oh Chris, you poor thing. I'm hearing more and more wonderful things about midwives. Every time I meet with them I feel more at ease about the whole thing. I'm glad to hear that the pain doesn't affect the labour. I start prenatal yoga next week, my chiropractor said that it will definitely help. That's funny WL, how did you ever live through the pain, lol. I haven't had much nausea, but I am definitely sensitive to smell. It's amazing all the changes the human body goes through when we have a little one growing inside of us. I love every moment of my pregnancy. The nausea, the weight gain, the pain in my "cheek". It's all so that one day soon I can meet the little person that K and I created.

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