Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Am I crazy for trying???

Okay, I know I have a lot on my plate right now. In fact my BF keeps telling me to relax and enjoy my pregnancy. I have to say every moment of this pregnancy has been wonderful. I was lucky enough to not experience morning sickness. I did have some eating issues. Like not knowing what I ever wanted to eat, plus the smell of food making me feel ill. There have definitely been some good times and some rough times, but I know that in the end I will have a precious child in my arms and it will all be worth it.

So I have been a little over the top with lists. To Do list, Registry List [4 pages in excel] and now the 30 Before 30 List. I guess it helps me deal with everything I put on my plate when I have a list and I check things off. I even swapped the calendar function in my Blackberry for the old fashion paper planner and highlighters. I like the feeling of writing things down and then crossing them off when they are done. I guess it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I think there's a name for that compulsive behaviour...hehehe

So here's the why I ask "am I crazy for trying" ever since I have been blogging I have wanted to participate in a quilt-a-long. In fact quilting is what got me into blogs in the first place. I have admired many quilters and their blogs for years now. I can finally say with several quilts under my belt, and the intention to create a quilt for Bunny I have decided to join a quilt-a-long.

Some of you may wonder what a quilt-a-long is. Well the short of it, is that a blogger post tutorials and guidelines for creating a quilt. They set goals like "create a block every day / week" and post about what the next step should be. Some bloggers even keep track of everyone who is following along and they link to their blogs or Flickr accounts where photos of their work can be seen.

So I have joined Don't Look Now's Jacob's Coat quilt-a-long. Wish me luck. Hopefully by the time our little Bunny has arrived I will have a quilt for them :)

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Jess said...

go for it! its now or never! once that little one arrives all you will want to do is snuggle with that sweet baby! i can relate with the smells of food....i would make my poor husband eat in another room because of the smells! we can laugh about it now!!!