Monday, October 19, 2009

30 Before 30

[Me at my cousin's wedding last Saturday]

I was reading one of my favorite blogs today and Meg really inspired me to make a personal list of my own. So here goes [in no particular order]

30 Before 30
1. Take a photography class
2. Learn Photoshop
3. Create and maintain digital scrapbook
4. Complete scrapbooks of K & Me growing up [along with dating, wedding and baby scrapbooks]
5. Digital categorize all photos and make CD backups
6. Go for a walk at least 3 times a week
7. Host a cousin's game night
8. Have our neighbours over for dinner
9. Get an iPhone
10. Go to a museum / art gallery with K
11. Paint and put up my birdmansion [really large bird house]
12. Make my Bunny a quilt
13. Find an easy and quick everyday casual updo
14. Take swimming aerobics / exercise
15. Create "A day in the life of..." digital scrapbook for Bunny's first year
16. See a show in the theater [not a movie, but a play or ballet]
17. Redesign my Blog
18. Spend an afternoon reading in a cozy chair, doing nothing else
19. Plant an herb garden
20. Do something for a charity
21. Start a "GT" family tree
22. Loose the baby weight
23. Join a "Baby and Mama" class
24. Speak with my friends on a regular basis
25. Take a sewing class [clothes altering]
26. Get a pedicure every month
27. Finish the Master bedroom
28. Create new business cards and flyers, and distribute
29. Set aside time each week for creative time
30. Trip to New York

**Bonus participate in a quilt-a-long and complete a quilt


Oonafey said...

You are motivated and talented, you will get these done no problem!! Love the pic!

Joi said...

Interesting! I need to do this, too!

Wanderluster said...

I'm a chronic list maker too (are you a Capricorn?). You've got some fun things on your list... but I highly suggest trying to get most of them done before the baby comes! Pedicure, what's that? Lol.