Thursday, November 19, 2009

Interview with a Temp replacement and a Fabric Igloo

On Tuesday we interviewed our first candidate for my mat leave replacement. She was very talented and seemed professional. Just like when they hired me, there is a 3 hour Word and PowerPoint test that is given. It's all about formatting and making two documents using a few instructions and a print out of what the document should look like. It's not about getting both documents done. It's about the quality of what is done, and what formatting techniques you use to do so. She has almost 10 years of experience using PowerPoint, however she didn't score to high on the test. I was a bit disappointed. Our HR head assured me that most people don't score very high on the test. I'm not to concerned with the score more than I am concerned with the person's ability to not only do the everyday job, but act as a support for the rest of the department. Often they ask me to help them do something when they don't know how. If I don't know I tell them I will look for an answer and get back to them. Good old Microsoft help. I know this is something they could do, but they don't have the time. My replacement should be able to at least pull up the help window and get more of the test completed. So the search continues.

In other unrelated news, here's Milo on Sunday and his fabric igloo. While my sister drew the mural, Milo played with our Ikea futon cover. He rolled and burrowed in it till we could no longer see him. He slept there for a few hours peacefully.

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