Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great Family Tradition

It's so wonderful to see traditions carrying on in our family. Looking at these pictures I remember when I was little and "Santa" used to come to our family dinner after dessert. He would have a big red bag filled with gifts for everyone. It's amazing to see my cousins kids react to "Santa". I can't wait for next year to see what our Bunny does.

Seeing "Santa" out in the backyard, just coming off the roof :)

Of course "Santa" wipes his boots dry before coming into the house

I think this year I am bigger than "Santa" :)

The smiles on these boys faces are priceless and worth all of the hoopla :)


Katie said...

i love that you had a santa! thanks for the comment on my blog about the blanket - the pattern is called "babette blanket" and i found it online from i believe interweave. i had to pay for the download, but i think it was only $6 or something like that. it was really easy - i had never done crochet before. the most difficult part was learning to read the pattern :-) i've already started a second one for a friend who is having a baby. i think that it's technically a baby blanket (it's that size) but i decided to make the first one for myself anyway.

Wanderluster said...

We have Santa come to our house too :) How fun it will be for you next year, when you'll have your own little one to sit on Santa's lap! Hope she or he doesn't cry like my Chloe did, lol.