Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 33 and 5 days update

Last night I went back to prenatal yoga. I was away for 8 weeks due to our prenatal class. Boy do I wish I could have done both. I've been experiencing a lot of back pain, the last few weeks. The yoga helped keep me stretched out and aligned, that's what my chiropractor told me. I've had to sleep in the recliner the past 6-8 weeks in the nursery because sleeping in a bed results in an achy back in the morning.

(picture from google)

I knew that I would be stiff and the positions would be difficult. It's amazing to see how much my body has actually changed. I had a hard time 1/3 of the time, but it really felt good to stretch things out.

My prenatal class was taught by two labour nurses at the hospital that I will be delivering at. The yoga class is also taught by a labour nurse from the same hospital. That means when I go into labour and go to the hospital I will have my midwife, but will also know at least one nurse on duty, hopefully.

There are only 6 weeks left, 5 weeks of work. The time is getting close now. I've been training my mat leave replacement this week. She's doing well so far. I'll be glad to not have to bundle up and take the train into work. It's getting really cold outside and my coat doesn't close in the front.

This Sunday is my baby shower and I can't wait. After that I can wash everything and get all of the nursery packed away. That means there will be finished nursery pictures coming soon. I will also be able to pack my hospital bag and some stuff for the baby. K and I will also be installing the car seat in our car. Can't wait to finally meet this little person and be a mommy.


Just Beachy said...

Sleeping in your recliner I sympathis with that , I slept in my big Ikea arm chair because laying down just hurt too much , joys of pregnancy .
I swore by stretching with my second pregnacy I made sure to do deep squats daily , I swear this helped with the delivery .
Enjoy the support of your midwife , they are amazing support through the labour and delivery , never saw a nurse during both my deliveries actually just two midwives , so great.
Hope your back improves.

Jess said...

you are getting so close!! i had to comment after hearing that you are sleeping in the recliner...i remember being surrounded by pillows during my last few the second i had it down to a sience, unfortunatley there wasn't a whole lot of room for the hubby! i remember being so achy with all the extra wieght and making the floor boards creek when i walked down the hall...ahh the memories! all worth it in end!!! have fun at your baby shower!!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhh im soooooo excited!!! bring on the neice ;) lol
see you sunday
xo Laura

Joi said...

It's getting so close! I can't wait to see the finished nursery.

Hope you get great things at your shower : )