Monday, February 22, 2010

29 Ways To Induce Labor At Home

1. Walking

2. Galloping (huh? See video below)

3. Acupuncture

4. Pressure points

5. Spicy foods

6. Sex and orgasms

7. Nipple stimulation

8. Pineapple

9. Dancing

10. Squatting

11. Relaxing

12. Meditation and/or visualization

13. Evening primrose oil

14. Red raspberry leaf tea

15. Castor oil

16. Herbs (such as black and blue cohosh)

17. Massage

18. Glass of wine (Consult your doctor!)

19. Stripping the membranes

20. Marching up stairs

21. Rent a sad movie and cry like crazy

22. A really bumpy car ride

23. Bouncing and stretching on a birth or exercise ball

24. Swimming

25. Mowing lawn or picking weeds

26. Jump on a swing and start swinging

27. Talk to your baby and tell him/her it’s OK to come out now

28. Watch a really funny movie and laugh until you pee

29. Get down on all fours and shake that booty

I know I'm still not really over due according to the ultra sound technician who said my due date was Feb 23. However I'm at the point where I have started to research what our options are. I really don't want to have to use drugs to induce my labour.


Jen M said...

I've also heard that clary sage essential oil (aromatherapy) can bring things on, and also swinging. Personallly, by the end of my pregnancy my butt was too big to fit into a swing on the playground, but your mileage may vary. Good luck!

Just Beachy said...

I tried all of those with Sophie , swinging was the most painful , it just happens when its supposed to happen .
They stripped my membranes with Mason who was three , that's right three weeks late , and it worked within a day , tried it with Sophie and she ended up having pneumonia at birth and a spinal tap hours into her life {from the introduction of bacteria into the birth cananl from membrane stripping} she came when she was ready two weeks late , not fun , try and be patient , no one is pregnant forever.

KOS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

Sending lots of contraction/labour vibes! Let's get this baby moving! :)

Anonymous said...

ok, tell my neice she may make her entrance into the world sometime this weekend, by then the snow will be cleared from the roads and this gives you 3 days to jump, dance, laugh and cry her out!
love laura

Anonymous said...

i just thought of something...
maybe she is holding out for gran's bday!! wouldnt that be sweet, not that i want you to be that overdue but it would be pretty great :)
xo laura