Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photography and iPhoto Books

After getting my Canon Rebel for my birthday I took a few courses to get familiar with the functions of the camera and refresh my memory on basic photography techniques. This last class I did was called "Photography of your kids" It was a 3 hour class that touched on a lot of things.

One thing I learned is a technique called 'panning'. It's pretty much keeping focus on and moving in the same direction as a moving object. It's great for kids and animals. The only thing is tricky is that the path of the moving object has to be a straight line or predictable. So riding a bike, swimming these are easier. It's a bit harder to predict the movement of kids playing tag or soccer. The result is a blurred background and a sharp focused subject.

I also learnt flash manipulation, light reflection aperture and shutter selections. I can't wait to use them with the Bunny. I think we are going to spend a lot of time taking pictures.

Which brings me to the other part of my title, iPhoto books. There are all kinds of photo books around right now. Being a Mac owner introduced me to the possibilities that iPhoto offer. I thing the one I love the most is the ability to have an ongoing book that I can update at my own pace. I don't have to start and finish an entire book in one sitting. I create one or more pages at a time and save the entire project until I am ready to print. I think this will really help me create "A day in the Life of" book for Bunny. Sort of like a yearbook that I can work on at my own pace.

See I've tried scrap booking. In fact I have a whole load of scrap booking supplies, I just can't ever find the time to sit down and actually get it done. I'm hoping with the iPhoto photo book I will be able to keep better track of our child's life.


KOS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

I've been looking to take a photography course (I just got a new camera at Christmas). Where did you find the course?

Have you tried Blurb? It's my favourite site for making photo books!!!

Jess said...

new rebel owner too! great idea to take a course, i need to find the time!! i find that the only downfall of a digital camera is that most pictures stay stored in my every year i make a photo book and document birthdays, vacations, holidays and just a collection of all my favorite pictures....and blogging helps me capture the day to day stories. hope you are feeling well!