Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Announcements and thoughts

We finally sent out Olivia's announcement cards. Thanks to Chandra Lee again for taking such wonderful photo's of our sweet girl. I had a lot of fun taking this design and customizing it to be my own. I liked the use of the alphabet since Olivia's room has a lot of books and letters around her. I thought it suited her.

Today as I watched the news with my sleeping baby in my arms I was brought to tears. There were 3 separate cases of parents killing their children. Yes you heard me correctly. There was a father and his son who killed his teenage daughter for not dressing according to their religious beliefs. There was a case in which they discovered a young girl dead in her home. They just arrested her father and stepmother for her death. There was a woman who was in court for drowning her toddler with down syndrome in the bath. She pleaded guilty but insisted she was okay to have another child and "promised" not to do it again.

I could never understand why people did such horrible things. Now as a mother of my own child I can't even begin to imagine hurting her. I cried when I caught the skin on her thumb when I was cutting her nails. I can only pray for those who act in such strange ways and hope that their victims are safe and at peace.


Just Beachy said...

I love the announcements that is a delicious little baby squeeze her and freeze her for me.
I didn't know that girl was killed my her parents for the way she dresses , sick just sick and that other woman pathetic.
When Mason was three months old I was holding her and watching the columbine tragedy , it was so much more heart breaking as a mom , the world kinda changes after you have a child doesn't it ?

SweDaisy said...

You are so right Chris, the world and everything in it all change once you are a mom. Now your little baby is having over night trips! Does the time really fly that fast. I caught myself planning Olivia's 1st birthday party after seeing Sophie and Mason's invitations. I had to stop myself.

Rambling Renovators said...

That is a sweet birth announcement. Being a mom really does open up your heart more, doesn't it - to more hurt, but also more joy luckily.