Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tag - You're It!

I'm up for a challenge always. KOS tagged me in a game of blog-tag so here I go!

If you get tagged, you:
a) Answer my questions to you on your blog in the form of a post.
b) Ask 5 questions of your own.
c) Tag some people. No minimum. No maximum. Just tag!
d) Come back and comment in this post below with a link to your blog post once you've tagged someone else so I can see what you wrote.

1. What are you looking forward to this summer?
Getting my front garden and garage organized. The garden is currently in a sad state because I've neglected it. I'm having too much fun with Olivia. The garage organization is mostly K's Father's Day gift. He's getting a cool work bench and some much needed storage. For me I hate cob webs everywhere and I love the way organized stuff looks. If I could only find a way to keep organized.

2. What's your all-time favourite summer recipe?
I love a good bbq, and a fresh salad. I think my all time favorite is my vegetable orzo salad. I could eat this stuff in large amounts. I think I will make some this week and come back to blog about it.

3. What was your best vacation and why? My best vacation...hmmm there's a tie.

6ish years ago K and I went on our first vacation together to Aruba. We sat on the beach, took an island tour and para sailed for the first time. I also looked great in my bathing suits (pre wife/mommy). The best part of this trip was half way through it realizing that I loved K and he was going to be the man I married.

The second vacation would have been 2 years ago when K and I joined our best friends to go backpacking in Thailand for 2 weeks. Yes I had a hard time with the bugs and lizards, but the sites and experiences were amazing. We got to ride elephants in the jungle and swim with tropical fish. I got some great photos.

4. Who do you call [on the phone] the most?
I'm not a big phone person. In fact I would rather text/email then talk on the phone. I would rather be in the company of the person and have our conversations face to face.

5. What is the most recent book you read? Did you enjoy it?
"What to expect when you're expecting" - didn't enjoy it
"The mother of all pregnancy books" loved it, so helpful
"The mother of all baby books" again, Canadian and helpful
"The Baby Whisperer" helped me get Olivia on a feeding and sleeping routine, not a schedule.

Currently " The Baby Book" by Sears and Sears. Great book, so reassuring of the choices K and I have made so far

Now for my 5 questions:
1. Where do you go for decor inspiration?
2. Something you've learned this past year?
3. What inspired you to Blog?
4. If you could live somewhere else in the world, where would it be?Why?
5. Name something you wish you had more time for.

Okay so I've answered the questions, now for the fun part - Tag you're it!

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Looking forward to the orzo salad recipe! :)

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I finally got my post up!