Monday, June 28, 2010

I did it...

I did it, yes I did. I traded in my Blackberry for an iPhone. I'm overwhelmed with all of the planner and organizing apps I can get to help keep me on top of things. I loaded a few games to keep my mind working while I am off work. I even have a few items for Olivia on it. Like the Olivia cartoon intro video, She loves it. If you have an iPhone and use an app that you think might be useful please let me know.
I will say there is one app I wanted to try. Intuition: for Mother's. It's a day planner, to do list and appointment book for the whole family. You can color coordinate appointments and such by person. Great for mom's who have multiple children. The only sad part is that the app is currently not available in Canada. Really? Not in Canada? Why not? I don't get it. Hopefully they will make it available soon. I love to have things color coordinated, especially my notes.

A side note:
I am truly embarrassed by the actions of the people in Downtown Toronto this past weekend. Unfortunately it only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone. I don't even think the protesters were really heard over all the chaos people were causing. I will laugh at one quote from a relative "What kind of Canadian smashes a Tim Horton's?". It is so sad to see what small minded people are capable of.

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