Monday, July 12, 2010

Away until I figure something out

I didn't blog this week. I'm sure you noticed. I was a little beside myself about posting. On Tuesday I read the second blog of my friends who posted about some sick people who used their photos and called them there own. One woman blogged about her "life" using another woman's pregnancy photos. Another had photos of her daughter used without her permission, and were also called the "thieves" own. I have been researching about how to put a watermark on photos. Until I can, I won't be posting any pictures. My faith in humanity just took a blow. I will hopefully have things sorted out soon and have posts with picture again. Please take this as a warning and post wisely.

-Take Care, Lisa


Katie said...

I've actually decided to start watermarking my photos too. Unfortunately I am not gonna go back and do this to my 1209382309238 posts prior..but this week I decided the same thing. That would disgust me if someone used my photos. You can do this on a free program called and you just use the text option, then fade the lettering.

Katie said...

when you go to post, its under "post options", then you can set the date and time to be 'published'. PS: you need to put your email address attached so when you comment I can just click reply rather then have to come leave a comment here. You can do that under the edit profile setting in your dashboard, then add an email address! It makes life easier!

KOS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

The world can be so sad sometimes. I've been thinking about this a lot too and wonder if something I should starting doing to my photos as well. Is it easy to do?