Friday, July 30, 2010

Beaches and Plateaus

I'm not a runner. In fact I am comfortable saying that I hate running. I know it's the best form of exercise, but I just don't like doing it. I find it mundane. A few months ago my cousin sent out an email asking if anyone would like to do a 20km, 10km or 5km run downtown at the Beaches. K actually enjoys running, and decided to join them. Olivia and I went for moral support. While Daddy was running and working up a sweat, O and I were sitting on a bench with my other cousin enjoying the view of Lake Ontario.

While we are on the topic of exercise, let me just say Stroller Fit is kicking my butt! If you have never heard of Stroller Fit let me tell you what you are missing. Once a week a bunch of mommies and their tots in strollers meet at a park near the lake. Our instructor has us push our strollers while lunging, brisk walking and sometimes even jogging. Once in a while we will pull over to a shaded area, park our babes and do a few stationary exercises. Push ups and dips off a picnic table, step ups onto a park bench and the ever loving core work out. I enjoy group workouts. I feel motivated by the other mommies around me and I love having an instructor there to tell me if my form is right. After all what's exercise if you don't do it right. I love how soar I feel two days after. Like right now, my arms and upper back are aching, because that's what we focused on this week.

I'm thinking about continuing the routine closer to home. Walk around the neighborhood and stop at the park with O to do some exercises at least two more times a week. I also go to an Active Parent class on Friday's. It's indoors and is more focused on aerobic style workout.

O is 5 months today and I was thinking about what I've done in that time. In the beginning I saw a change in my weight, however lately I've noticed a plateau. I'm hoping if I jack up the exercise and focus on my eating habits I will get some better results. I think I will also go back to my Weight Watchers method of eating and start tracking my eating habits too.

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