Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sometimes the best events are the ones that aren't planned. A few friends drop in for a visit turns into a late night dinner on the patio. Relatives come to visit Olivia and stay the night. So when my BF called and said she was on the way to Wittamore's farm I thought joining her would be a fun afternoon.

We watched Madalyn race a rubber ducky. We went up the big tree house and went down the slide. We even took the girls on a hay ride. It was a fun couple of hours and we hope to go back soon.

Jennie's mat leave is coming to an end and I am so sad about it. When we were pregnant we talked about all the fun things we would do with our girls while on mat leave and we really have had a lot of fun. The time we have spent together has molded me into the mother that I am. Afternoon chats about breastfeeding, cloth diapers, to how to discipline our girls have been so reassuring. Jennie is a wonderful mother and her zest for life has passed on to her daughter. Madalyn is warm and friendly, whether at the grocery store or the park, you will always get a smile and a "Hi!" from her. She is truly a free spirit like her mom. Our girls will grow up together and have a life long friendship. I am glad that Olivia will have a friend like Madalyn to encourage her to do wonderful things in life. I will not say goodbye, rather raise my glass and toast a great friend and mother, Cheers.


Sharstin said...

those are the best days!nothing like hanging with a BF and kiddos! looks like you guys had so much fun~

twoandcounting said...

I am in shock right now... First of all that Olivia is 5 months old... feeling sad that Jennie is going on Mat leave...

You both are such amazzzing woman! I love watching you be mommies. You both emiptomize what a real woman, wife and mother are.