Saturday, July 24, 2010

Discount Fashionista

This week Olivia and I went shopping. I have been searching for shoes that fit her for a while now. All the ones I found were either to big or her "fat" little foot didn't fit into it. I wasn't too concerned since it's been a hot summer and having her feet free probably helped keep her cool.

I scored a darling pair of metallic sandals at Old Navy. Now before you ask me what sense it made to buy sandals half way through the summer, I got a great deal on them. They were the last ones in the clearance section marked down to $4.99. Hold on it gets better, there was an additional 50% off! Really how could I say no?

So my little girl who is almost 5 months, finally fit into a pair of shoes that are a size 0-3 months. Something tells me she is going to have small feet like me and not be very tall. Good thing I know how to sew, I'm sure many of her pants will need altering too.

Oh and just in case, she has sent a letter to the producers of "Sex and the City" She's ready to audition for the third movie if there is one. She looks like a little fashionista! Maybe she could be the kid of Big and Carrie's neighbour - tee hee.


Anonymous said...

So fetching! Look out Carrie!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

That hair! Those eyes! Seriously. SERIOUSLY. That kid is a-dorable!