Friday, July 23, 2010

Help in the kitchen

Olivia is great in the kitchen. She sits in her Bumbo and helps me make dinner.

Here I asked her for the bowl
She had a hard time finding it, something about not being able to see it
She tastes to make sure seasoning is okay. She told me it was bland, too bad I hadn't put anything on the spoon yet
Here she got a good mouth full, but still didn't like it. I guess you can't really taste the salad we were making since the wooden spoon never made it to the bowl.


Just Beachy said...

Awe so cute , do you have a tray for that bumbo , I saw one on kijiji for $5

Anonymous said...

OMG-I could eat her up with a spoon! Too cute! She's growing so fast!

Rambling Renovators said...

Too cute. What a good helper she is!

SweDaisy said...

Thanks for the tip Chris, I don't have one yet.