Friday, November 19, 2010

Arts and Crafts Envy

I'm loving the simplicity of the bookcase, dresser and craft table over at Brown eyed fox. You must take a look at the space and all the lovely storage if you are thinking of a craft space. It's so organized yet kid friendly. Sometimes spaces can be too organized (yes I said it) and you are almost afraid to touch anything for the fear of not putting things back exactly. I love the green chairs around the table, the tray on the table with utensil holders, and all of the compartments in the dresser.


Jess said...

so cute! i have an old wooden coca cola bottle tray that i put all the art supplies in...and this is where the kids go to be they get older i put in things they are ready to handle like scissors, markers and glue sticks.i like to always keep it out so they don't have to ask me for it and they always seem to be drawn to it! have fun making a fun space for your little one, the possibilites are endless!!...we just finished up giving our kids' toyroom a mini-makeover.

Oonafey said...

This really is a genius space. It looks smart, organized, cozy, and creative! And the best part about it? It looks totally do-able.