Thursday, November 18, 2010

Here's what I've got so far...

I've been working on the design board for Olivia and here's what I've got;
  • I will use the left over fabric from her quilt to make a bunting, an apron, some towels and napkins.
  • I bought some mirrored bird hooks on sale and will use them for her dress up items and her apron
  • I will get a mirror and a frame for a magnet board at the thrift store
  • I have the vintage Fisher Price stove and the wooden table set from when I was a kid
  • The letters "PL@Y" will be painted and hung on the wall
  • A "classic" Ikea expedit shelf and baskets will hold all her toys, blocks, puzzles, dolls and dress up
  • Some pom poms and lanterns from AshleyAnn's inspiration will hang above an old upholstered chair we have as a reading corner


Sharstin said...

darling!! i love it all~ can't wait to see the finished product~

Rambling Renovators said...

Great inspiration board! I ma be borrowing some of your ideas for Chloe's play space ;)

See you tomorrow!