Monday, May 2, 2011

I need a bigger kitchen!

I have always loved banquette seating in a kitchen. When we first started looking for a home I was on the hunt for a home with a wall in the kitchen where I could one day install a bench and seating. When we saw our home we fell in love and the thoughts of banquette seating melted away.

I realized recently that our lovely kitchen didn't have enough storage. Even though we added a huge basement pantry, the storage on a separate floor of the house isn't always convenient. I told K that I would like to remove the table we have currently and extend the island to include 4-5 breakfast bar stools. That way we could have a huge practical island that gave us more base storage and also provided a space to eat in the kitchen. When we entertain we would be forced to use the dining room.

When I saw the picture below the heavens opened up and the angels sung out Alleluia!! An island that also incorporates bench seating. How perfect! However I don't think we have enough depth in our kitchen to build such a huge piece, hence the need for a bigger kitchen.

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