Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Command for Mother's

K is a good husband. For the last few weeks he has been asking me what I want for Morher's day. I flopped between a new watch or some nice jewelry but couldn't decide. Then it hit me while trying to organize our social calendar this weekend. I want a new family command center. I have admired from afar the command center system over at Pottery Barn for years but couldn't justify the price. Now they are reduced in price and as our family grows we will use it a lot more. So this week we are going to Pottery Barn and going to organize our calendar!

Sorry for the lame picture and lack of links. I'm blogging from my phone today.

-Take Care, Lisa

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Keep On S'myelin! said...

Ooo, I want one too! How much? They'll probably be gone by the time I make it there. I wish they would open one out our way.