Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Angel and Cookies

I know I've been away for a long time. I even missed my first blogiversary. December 18/07. No need to dwell, let's move on. I thought I would begin by reflecting on the past year and the plans I have for this one. Unfortunately I have been a bit busy this week at work. Then on Monday I watched the Oprah "Best Life" which really got me thinking.....
So it is now 5.5 hours from when I started writing this. Between the workload and my new found distractions I am having a hard time logging in to the blog scene. So for now I'll just update you on a few Christmas events and be back tomorrow with more.

One of my nieces as Angel Gabriel in the nativity story at her church. It was so sweet. Her younger brother was a shepard, but took his costume off before I could snap a good photo.

The Sunday before Christmas my younger cousin came met me at my parents house and together with my sister we baked hundreds of cookies and goodies for Christmas day. Here's acute shot of the two of them adding the ingredients to the mixer bowl while my dad peer's over my sister's shoulder.

Then they mixed the wet and dry ingredients and Laura [my cousin] mixed it by hand.
Of course nothing would be complete without my stamp of approval!

And while we baked the men did their part. K read the paper and Dad "played" with Jen's laptop.

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