Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has recently become a new tradition in our parents home. With K and I not living there, and Jen's boyfriend Corrie celebrating at his parents house on Christmas day, we have come up with a tradition of our own. Mom and Dad typically have a few people over on Christmas Eve for some traditional food and simple card and board games. Once everyone has left the six of us move into the living room to open presents. Jen and I sort through all the gifts and create individual piles. We all take turns going around the circle opening and watching each other open. It's a quiet and intimate gift exchange and is nice to enjoy with them all. Below are some pictures from this year.

P.S. I will be continuing the post about new years and my blogiversary, but I want to catch up on the holiday blogs first.

Jen [sis] & Corrie [the BF]

Mom and Dad

Opening the presents

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Katie said...

wow - you and your sister could be twins!! You must have the pretty genes running in your family - seriously, you could be models.