Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Eve continued...

How can you not laugh? Dad got a new pair of jeans for Christmas. We all suffer from the same issue , we're too short for store bought clothes. Our legs are so short we almost always need to spend more money to get them hemmed. When dad stood up and held the pants to him I couldn't stop laughing. In fact none of us could, I told him they were long enough to be overalls.

Then Corrie opened the gift that K and I got him. He was looking for a fondue pot when he recently moved into his own place. Lucky for us he couldn't find one he liked. Thank goodness for HomeSense, my favorite store. K and I liked the one we got him so much, we bought one for ourselves too. We just have to find the right time to actually use it.

Then there's Jen. She begged Corrie all winter to buy her a pair of Lululemon pants. He refused, saying they were too much for a pair of pants. He has obviously never had the feeling of being in a pair of pants that feel like butter next to your skin. They fit everyone of your good and not so good curves so well they actually make you look better. Well they make you feel better about the shape you get from eating 250 Christmas cookies and 4 Christmas dinners. I have a pair that I wear every time they come out of the wash.
K and I did the same thing we did last year when it came to gifts for each other. We filled each others stockings with goodies, like CD's, toiletries and chocolate. Then on boxing day we take all the gift cards we get and go shopping. While we are out we also grab something for each other. Or sometimes it's for the house. Last year we got the family room furniture. This year we both went to Lululemon because I had a gift card, and we ended up getting our gifts there. I got 2 tops and a second pair of pants and K got a pair of pants and a jogging jacket.
I know it's not as exciting as being surprised or unwrapping a bunch of stuff under the tree, but between opening gifts with my parents and sister, then opening the gifts from K's family on Christmas morning we find it to be enough. After all it's not about how much you get, rather spending time with friends and family to celebrate the reason for the season.

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