Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Liam's First Birthday

Happy Birthday to my cousins son, Liam. He turned one last week and we had a party for him.
He sat in his chair with the cake while we sang happy birthday to him. The image looks off because I snapped it just when someone elses flash went off. I think it looks kind of neat this way, plus it's one of the few that Liam is actually looking in my direction.

What fun, we played pin the tail on the donkey. When it was Liam's turn, he became strategic and figured if he took off everyone elses tails and left his, then by default he would win. So smart!

We even had a pinata. My other cousin Laura held Liam while he made his best attempt to hit the pinata. He has pretty good aim and his little arms are strong cause he did it one handed.

For the first few big boxes Liam climbed on top of the box to unwrap them. Near the end he figured it to be easier next to the box. The left he is with his dad and the right is my cousin, his mom. Congratulations Al and Cher on surviving your first year of parenthood. You're doing a wonderful job with Liam.

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