Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NYE 2008

Unfortunately the only picture I have of K and I at New Years is this
blurry one we took before anyone had arrived.

Here's the basement all decorated when the disco ball was working. It worked fine when we put it up, and for the first hour that everyone was there. After that it wouldn't spin. Party Packagers, where we bought it, has a no return policy on holiday items after the holiday. So we're stuck with a disco ball that doesn't spin. It might be one of the first "projects" I give dad to fix when he retires. I'm sure the problem is that the motor is not strong enough for the weight of the ball, and I'm also sure he can build better one.

Here some of the guys are enjoying a beverage and talking guy stuff. Don't they look sharp. We actually had a strict dress code. I threatened to make them wear one of my dresses if they didn't come dressed up. From the feedback we got, everyone had a great time. Especially the little guys.

The little men were my dance partners for most of the night. The adults weren't dancing much, however the little men were tearing up the rug! Here Isaiah is wearing the party favors we handed out to everyone and carrying the balloon I prepared for the kids.

I never understood why kids always want a balloon when they are hung up as decorations. Either way, I took 3 balloons, tied a string to each of them and made a loop for each of them. The really did have a blast. Some didn't want to go home.

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