Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year's Eve Eve

Here's another post from the holiday season. A few years ago we were all doing different things on New Year's Eve. Jennie came up with the idea to throw a New Year's Eve Eve party with just the 6 of us to still be able to celebrate the new year together. Just before midnight we pour some champagne and do the count down. We shout "Happy New Year" and toast each other. Even the years that we know we will be able to celebrate together, we still have NYEE. Last year Jennie and Aram invited a few more people and made a wonderful sit down dinner for all of us. This year, in the words of Aram "due to the recession" there was no sit down dinner. The said they will alternate the dinner and cocktail parties year to year. Next year might be a little tough to do. They will have a new baby, the Trio dinner will be at their house and it will also be the year to have another sit down dinner. K and I might lend a hand and have the Trio dinner at our house.
As luck would have it Dawn's birthday falls in between Christmas and NYE. To celebrate, Jennie made a delicious cake and we sung happy birthday. Here's a picture of Jerrell helping his mommy blow out the candles.

And since we didn't get to before, K and I gave Jennie and Aram their congratulations on expecting gift. Jennie is very earth conscious and is always thinking of ways that she can be more natural. A while back she mentioned that she wanted to use as much natural cotton as possible. So when I saw an all natural cotton blanket in Toys R Us it was perfect partner to the gift card we gave them. K and I were having so much fun looking at all of the cute little clothes and toys, we thought they would enjoy the experience too and decided to get a gift card to let them do a little shopping on their own. Congrats guys, have fun.

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