Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trio Dinner

K and I had a great little dinner with some of our friends. Usually the six of us will exchange gifts, but this year with the economy being what it is, I suggested going out to dinner and just enjoying the company of one another. The girls thought it was great and suggested a nice dinner at home with the six of us. We thought to make it a tradition and will take turns at each others homes over the years. This year was at Shayne and Dawn's. They made fancy drinks and a wonderful dinner. My favorite was the crab and corn soup Dawn made from scratch. After dinner Aram decided to help little Jerrell put together his new Radio Flyer 3 wheeler.

Jerrell was right in the mix so excited to help. Aram was also really wonderful. He is was patient with Jerrell. Always making sure to explain why he needs to take something out of Jerrell's hands when it was the next part he needed.

Jerrell got the screw driver and thought to move ahead while Aram read the instructions. Just like a typical man to not want to read the instructions. LOL - he's so cute and so smart.

When the job was strictly a one man task, Jerrell would sit patiently on the side and wait for the next step to help.

Job well done Aram. Jerrell thought so too. To thank him, Aram got a big hug and kiss. Aram is going to make a wonderful father. In fact if you didn't get to read this post, Jennie and Aram are expecting a baby at the end of July so the practice was good for him :)

Jerrell taking his new set of wheels for a spin. Also in the picture are his parents, Shayne and Dawn.

Thanks for a wonderful night guys. We talked about politics, religion and the best advice for having a baby, all things you should never talk about with friends, but these two couples are different. We can talk to them about anything and feel comfortable with them. It's okay to disagree, we actually have very different views on many things, but we respect one another enough to listen and appreciate each persons thoughts. They are very important to us and have always given us their support. We are very blessed to have such great friends, it feels like we're at home with family when we are with them.
Love you all.

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