Thursday, April 16, 2009

It took me 3 years to spend it!

One of my lovely aunts gave K and I a generous gift card for our wedding shower. That was 3 years ago. This past week K and I finally decided to spend it and get us some really nice dishes.

I kept the boxes and used my trusty little label maker to mark what box everything went in so for easy storage until we get a sideboard.

Dinner plates, soup bowls, salad plate, tea cups and saucers, cream and sugar bowls and a butter dish. We chatted with the store manager who was helping us and he gave us a "new home buyers" discount of 10% off the total bill. Great guy!

Don't you just love the little scallops and the dots around the border. They aren't bright white, more of a cream. All of our serving dishes are House and Home white, but the Pottery barn white didn't match either, so we went for the one we liked better.

The dinner plate and soup bowl have round edges and the salad plate has a scalloped edge too.

Pretty little cream and sugar.

Butter dish

Stack of boxes ready to store our beloved dishes.

UCD - Labels

Worst part, having to use Goo Gone to remove the price sticker off of 43 pieces of tableware.


Lovely Little Nest said...

*gasp* Those dishes are absolutely STUNNING!! So so so classy, and you can literally use them all year round for years to come! Way to go on the 10% discount, too! :)

Steph said...

Love these dishes! I'm jealous. :)

I got my Easter dress (and flip flops and jewelry) from New York and Company. It's not maternity but it worked and now I'll still be able to wear it after the baby comes. That makes me happy.

VidaModa said...

I love love love your dish set, so timeless and classic and the perfect hue, I love that you can mix and match white plates with seasonal dishware colours!!! You have a lot of patience with those price stickers!! Does that Goo Gone really work well?