Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Art Studio

Finally, You can see the floors. The magazine file folders have been labeled and the closet has been emptied and reorganized. It feels so good to finally have it all done. Now if I could only make time to actually use the room.

I'm still debating about the window treatment. I don't like how they sag in the middle. I think I have to shorten them. I've never adjusted roman blinds before. Maybe I'll give it a go.
My sister was kind enough to give me her old Mac. K set it up for me along with my new printer. Now I'm all ready to enhance photos taken with my new camera and print them for scrapbooking :) I left the white table under the window empty. It will be my "worksurface" for whatever project I am working on. For now I have 2 stuffed animals that will be Bunny's. I think I might have to change the chair. It seems way to low when you sit in it. I will be taking the tissue paper puffs down. I don't like how they look. Instead I hope to hang a large cork board on the wall above the computer and use it for tacking up inspirational pictures.
The nice thing about this room is that I would still have space for Bunny's playpen if I choose to do a little photo editing while they sleep. Of course this won't be for months! I also have a small table and chair that I might bring into the room and make a little person craft station so that we can craft together.
Voila! My new organized closet. I got the metal shelves and plastic bins from Ikea. Now everything has a place. K still can't seem to find a normal pair of scissors in the whole room. He makes me laugh. If I do add a little person station to the room I think I will add a lock of some kind to the door so that I can lock up all of the supplies that could potentially do some damage to the house :)

I used a 3M adhesive hook to hang my rulers and some Ikea plastic bag holders on the floor for rolls of tracing paper and such. This is also a great way to store wrapping paper. You also get a glimpse of my favorite bags of all time. The blue and red ones on the floor there. They are made from molded plastic. They are sturdy and stand on their own. I got them from an interior design company I used to work for. The senior designer used them to carry and store client samples. Whenever she needed to go to a meeting she simply grabbed the colour coded bags and left. She orders them from Koziol, a German manufacturer, but I think they have dealers around the world that ship and sell them.

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SAB said...

Umm...I love, love, love the plastic bag holder re-purposed as a paper roll storage container. Seriously, that is a great idea.