Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nursery - Part One

So now that I have shown you all of the ideas we have had for the nursery it's time to put it all into action. Below are some pictures of what the room looked like before and some "during" pictures from 2 weeks ago.

This room is usually used as the "catch-all" room. Files, blank cds, my wedding dress, suitcases, a futon to use it as our back up guest room. Although I'm ashamed to admit we have actually let people sleep in what seems to be our storage room. So sorry :)
Painting - this corner will be where the rocker will go. I've now begun my search for a light fixture. It has to be gender neutral. I was thinking a ceiling mount drum style, but K isn't to keen on the style. He suggested a chandelier style, but I'm afraid it will look to feminine. So the search is on. Anyone have any suggestions?

Yes those are snorkeling flippers, what don't you have flippers still in the package somewhere? As you can see this room hasn't been used to it's potential. It used to be my art room. When K and I started talking about having a baby we decided this room would be the best one. That triggered a little TLC in the back bedroom where my art room is now.

These Ikea dressers were used in my parents old house when K and I lived in the basement. We were only there for a few months after the wedding waiting on our house to be complete. They were just enough storage for each of us on either side of the bed.

I've seen many kids rooms and nurseries where the closet was transformed with drawers and shelves into a much more organized space. I thought it would be a good way to use the dressers. Unfortunately they didn't fit. Actually they were too big by 3/8" - how frustrating. Thankfully dad and Kenrick were determined to make them fit. After some modifying and removal of the tops they were able to make them fit. This weekend they are going to install a piece of MDF as a new dresser top and we will paint it to match the room. Now the dressers look like built ins and the Bunny will have lots of clothing storage.

More sad before pictures

I really only took the pictures while we were painting to be able to use them as before and after shots.

Stay tuned, we have another busy weekend a head of us. My parents, aunt and uncle will be spending the weekend helping us around the house some more. I hope to have an after shot of the closet top and the drying bar in the laundry room. My aunt and I will be turning the kitchen into our sewing room. I hope to have the drapes, and crib skirt done.


SAB said...

How ya gonna leave me hanging like this?!

Oonafey said...

I am fond of those ceiling mount drum styles. Show him pictures of the one in the landing on MakingItLovely. There is a lovely black chandelier at Lowe's, they don't have a photo of it online though. It is fairly inexpensive. Do you have Lowe's in Canada? Lighting is a tough decision, there are sooo many choices.
Can't wait to see the progress you guys make over the weekend! Good luck!

K*OS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

There's a really nice chandelier at Home Depot but it's white and has crystals on it. I guess not very gender neutral but I wish I would have bought it for my daughter's room. I bought the one at Canadian Tire before I knew this one existed.

There are a lot of cool lighting ideas on this site, just don't look at the price tag ;)

Happy decorating!