Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sad Coat Closet - and an IKEA super list

Here's the beginning to a project I worked on last week. Back in March I had emptied the closet and organized it. It was so neat and tidy. I bought a little blue basket for our shoe care products and two Ikea racks housed our shoes. Unfortunately in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, along with some laziness, this is what happened to our closet....

The Ikea rack on the floor wasn't re enforced with nails and "tossing" shoes into the closet eventually took it's tole on the poor little rack. Not to mention the helpless shoes that got lost between and below the collapsing shelf.

I sent K with a "super list" [that's what our neighbour called it] to Ikea to collect some supplies when I was at work. Our neighbour needed to go as well, so the two men set off to Ikea to return a few items and purchase some new ones. That's where the trouble began.

First, the line up at the returns desk took over an hour to get through - and this was on a Tuesday morning in the middle of the day! Our neighbour, M, couldn't believe how confusing the whole process was. First you stand in line. Then you get to a counter where you are given a number based on your return, exchange, defective product, in store pick up. The numbers are similar to our passport offices. That's right A13, B5, C26 etc. The letter signifies the type of return and the number is for your actual spot in line. The men were not happy. Then they spent almost another 1.5 hours searching the store for the items that we (the wives) had sent them for. Unfortunately they came across some rather "unhelpful" staff members that gave them the wrong directions to some bins I needed. They had to turn around and go back to the beginning of the store. If you've ever been in Ikea, you will know that the entire store is setup like a maze to make you walk through the entire showroom before you actually get to the merchandise. So lets cut a long story short and say that they finally made it home with the merchandise and their lives. Sadly, even with the help of my "super list" they managed to get 2 sets of bins wrong and K had to go back the next day to exchange them! OMG.
The Super List


SAB said...

Sounds ridiculously frustrating, but I am sure it all came together quite well. I love your super list. That would make the shopping process much easier for ANYONE at IKEA!!

K*OS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

Hi, I found your blog by a comment you made on G+D.

Gah, Ikea can be so frustrating especially when it's not down the street. I keep saying they need one in Durham Region though my wallet might beg to differ.

My closets are in some desperate need of some organizational TLC too!

Oonafey said...

I love your list! I should have made one of those for my big pilgrimage to IKEA!