Monday, October 12, 2009

To Do List Checkmarks

While most people were getting together with family today for Thanksgiving dinner, K and I were hard at work. We had dinner with his family yesterday which freed up today for a whole bunch of to do list work.

After breakfast we painted one coat in the nursery. Then we moved outside to get some much needed yard work done before the cold weather moves in. K cut the front and back grass, I pruned and weeded the front garden. We cleaned the garage out and then moved on to painting some baby furniture. It was a full day that left both of us exhausted and really soar.

We got to use our new Black and Decker mouse sander. We sanded down the night stand and prepped for a fun "jack o'lantern" orange. There is a door on the front that we removed before I remembered to take some before pictures. The nightstand will sit next to the rocker and house our little green lamp we bought at HomeSense. I will have to take a picture of that and post it too.

We were hoping to get to sand and paint the change table, but after a long day we became tired and hungry and decided to wait till Thursday night to finish.

Thursday night I was downtown for a wedding rehearsal. K and I decided to hit up the ever popular "Designer Fabrics Outlet" to see about fabric for the nursery. What a hit! We bought fabric for drapes, a crib skirt, and some fun floor pillows. If you live in the GTA or can find your way down to Queen St. W, it's worth the drive. This weekend my aunt, uncle and parents will be staying over to help us with a bunch of to do things. My aunt can sew really well, in fact she's the one who got me into sewing, knitting and cross-stitch. The room is really coming together. The mobile came on Friday, and you'll never believe it - the fabric matches the mobile colours exactly, not planned either :)

More photos to come soon.

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Wanderluster said...

Wow you guys are productive! You'll have the nursery done in no time, at this rate. Can't wait to see what fabric goodies you bought at Designer Fabrics!